Dealing with the Effects of an Empty Nest

Moving out, the normal ritual that is supposed to happen, the rhythm of life. We know the moment they are placed in our arms, a screaming bundle of wet, squirming and you fall in love with a love so fierce it scares it you. And you have to let them go, they have to explore the world, find that job, learn that life lesson.

Matthew 11:28: Teach Them to Rest in Christ

Come to me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

Mathew 11:28

Indeed, there's rest in Christ Jesus. Life could be full of chaos and disorders, but a life in Christ should enjoy rest. He said, He will give us rest.

I want my kids to know that in Christ, there's rest. A way to enjoy rest is by having God's word as anchor in every situation and every circumstance in life.

Joshua 1:9: Teach Them God is with Them

I remember standing there in awe of what I just witnessed. I saw my oldest encourage (although rather annoyed) his little brother to remember the Bible verse that we had been reading together. I saw my middle son contemplate if he was going to allow this fear to overtake him or if he was going to be brave and trust that God would be with him. I watched as he faced his fear and trusted God.

I watched as God allowed me to see firsthand that the verses we were reading together were making their way into my children’s hearts.