Learning to Trust God In the Waiting

Week after week, month after month, I found myself filled with fear, will I ever have a baby? Is something wrong with me? Is my past catching up with me? And despite doubt and fear trying its best to consume me, I never felt that God had left me. I knew that even though my mind was telling me one thing, God's word said another. God's word said I did not have to fear; God's word said I did not have to worry; God's word said that I could choose to trust in my problems or trust in him.

5 Family Bible Lessons For Thanksgiving

Hey Mommas. Tis the season to be thankful and I am sharing some Bible lessons that I created on being thankful. All of the lessons center around a theme verse and have supplemental exercises and scripture readings. You can do them all leading up to thanksgiving or once a week or whatever works for you family. As always, leave a comment and let me know if you plan to try them out and what you found helpful!!

Gratitude ABC’s

A, B, C - What if, just for fun, we started each day naming things that we are grateful for, beginning with a letter of the alphabet? This could be a fun activity for all of us! Some days we even turned it into a little version of I Spy gratitude style. When we were just struggling to come up with things it helped to “spy” things nearby. I spy my watch; I spy my doggie. I spy colorful leave on the trees and fluffy white clouds in the sky. I spy chocolate coconut milk and apple cider donuts. Have fun as you look around and see the many blessings in your life.

Top 10 Time Saving Resources for Busy Moms

The Mom life is a busy life. We are constantly juggling our own well-being along with that of our family. And, on top of that, we have house chores, bills to pay, errand to run, some of use homeschool, and some of us full or part time jobs. My hope with this post is that you find something on here that helps you find a little more time, relieve a little bit of stress, or simplify a little something in your day to day. As always, if you have another resource that would be helpful, share so other Mommas can see down in the comments.