Black Heroes of the Faith Part 3: Perpetua and Felicity

I have been reading a book "Hearts of Fire" put out by the Voice of the Martyrs. It is about women who have been persecuted for their faith but are standing strong in the Lord. I really admire those who are faithful under persecution. So, I knew that this week's black history lesson on heroes of the faith had to be about the first black martyr. And, to my surprise, I found two of them were women!!

Black Heroes of the Faith Part 2: Katy Ferguson

Catherine (Katy) Ferguson (?-1854) Katy Ferguson was born a slave in New York and separated from her mother at the age of eight. This experience along with other tragedies in her life gave her a compassionate heart for orphans and children in need. She would give her life to serving the children of New York …

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Black Heroes of the Faith Part 1: George Liele

George Liele was born into slavery in Virginia in 1752. He was separated from his parents at a young age and sold to a plantation owner in Georgia. Although unlearned and considered less than human by most at the time, he established the first African American Church and became a church planter in Jamaica. He was born a slave to men but gave himself as a slave to the gospel.

4 Reasons Moms Need Friends Too

I recently took a poll on my instagram account about how moms feel about making new friendships. The results show while we desire to make new friends but some of us feel stuck on how to do it and are not convinced of the value in putting our time into new friendships. So, I would like to submit to you some reasons that I have found why mom friendships are important and how we can work at making them. This isn't a sure fire formula or anything profound but its something that I am working on improving at and hopefully can be of value to other Moms.

What’s your story?

Stories are a big part of who we are as people. Even with out being able to read or write, a people group can communicate to the next generation through the stories they tell. It's how we get to know others well. Not just those "hey, how are ya?" type aquaintances but really knowing some one involves knowing their past, their pain, their struggles, their joys, their dreams, and what they want for the future. You hear some one's heart beat through the stories they tell.